Details and Discipline…

We all hear about the importance of Goals. There is a tremendous amount of information on goals. How to write them; What to say to yourself; How to think; etc. Most programs seem to spend little time on the most important part of any program – THE DETAILS AND DISCIPLINE.

Let me show you how this relates to your goals and your “WHY” of doing what you want to do. You can have a huge “WHY” and that may motivate you and have you focusing on the amount of money you are going to make, or the new cars , houses, yachts you are going to buy, etc. However, most people have“HUGE WHY’s” and never succeed because all they do is day dream about what it would be like to have all the money and free time. What you need to do is take that HUGE “WHY” and break it down into your daily discipline of what you are going to do everyday to be successful. Let me give you a clear example of what I mean from both sides: Good and Bad.

I have friends in certain businesses who want to be at the top executive levels. We are talking about levels in companies that pay anywhere from $300,000 to millions of dollars plus stock options, etc. Then they write their goals in present form with proper wording, read them everyday, share them with mentor’s etc. and they are excited. Who could blame them. It all sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

Well, my question to them and you, who may have the same goals, is: What are you going to do ON A DAILY BASIS to get to your goal? Even if your goals weren’t as high as the numbers above; what are you going to do ON A DAILY BASIS to get there? Notice that these principles apply to every aspect of your life: Relationships, Happiness, Promotions in your job, friendships, etc. If you want the best in your life, What are you willing to contribute ON A DAILY BASIS to get there regardless of other people, circumstance or environment? WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ON A DAILY BASIS???

Here is how most people fail when doing goals. They write down all these great feell good things about where they want to be and what it would feel like to have all that money, fame, fortune, etc. No one seems to write down the boring daya to day tasks that need to be done day in and day out.

See, what they don’t realize is the huge goals and dreams are targets. The daily details and discipline are like darts that you have to throw and throw until one day you hit that bulls-eye and continue to hit it over and over and over.

If you had a clear vision of where you are, where you wanted to go, what you are willing to committ, plan your daily exercises and a “HUGE WHY” to fuel the passion, your ability to achieve anything just became that much easier. Would it be easy? Well, yes! Easy is something you can do. It may not be fun but it is definitely easy because you have the ability to do it. Will you have to labor? Yes! There is no free ride in life. NONE!

I find that most people say they are serious about changing their lives, usually in the financial area, but then treat it like and afterthought and if they get around to it they will do it. THIS IS A PRESCRIPTION FOR FAILURE. You have to plan, participate and execute. It is much better than having the lame excuses about being too tired, my boss is a jerk, having my own business is too hard, etc. You have to work everyday no matter whether you have a job or are your own boss. The mindset you have in either situation is all up to you. The planning is all up to you.

Think about the time you tried to lose weight or get in shape. You start to work out, get sore, skip a day and before you know it you are fatter than the last time and you blame the program. What about when in school. You cram for a test the night before instead of planning a study schedule and blame the test when your grade isn’t what you thought it should be. How about when you are late for work and your boss calls you into the office and reprimands you for being late 3 times this month and you are in your head saying to yourself: This person is such a jerk. I was only 5 minutes late each time. Well, the fact is you were late. 1 minute or 1 hour is still late. This is the same person who will make fun of the person who comes in early and stays late but gets all the promotions. OR, complains that they aren’t getting any promotions and it must be because the other person who did get the promotion is a kiss ass. I could go on and on with examples of why you are not where you want to be and share stories of when I failed or how I was successful but I believe you get my point.

I am not trying to depress you or get on you if you happen to have had some of the experiences above. We all go through them. It is what you are going to do to change so they happen less often.

We all have challenges in life. I am here to tell you that if you work out a good program, roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty, surround yourself with good people who will push you and keep your eye on the target while working the daily tasks, it is inevitable that you will succeed. It may take some time, lots of work but in the end you will be a better person and probably wealthier than you have ever been. The questions is: How long will you work until you reach that point? And, is quitting an option?

If you have the discipline to work on the details every day, think about what your life would be like. FOCUS is a skill that I suggest you learn. Writing goals is a skill that I suggest you learn. Discipline and details are what determine your success. Lack of Discipline and details are what determine your failure.

Until next time….