Time Management – The Killer for most people!

We all have the same amount of time each day, week and year. Why is it that some people accomplish a huge amount of stuff but others do not? Because they don’t manage their time!

I do an exercise during our monthly meetings about time management and it goes something like this:

Hours in a week


Hours in a Year


Sleep (8 hours/night)


Sleep (8 hours/night)


Work (50 hrs/ week)


Work (50 hrs/ week)


Total Left Over/week


Total Left Over/year


When I talk to people about changing their situation or lives they always say they don’t have enough time in the day. Now, I know most people don’t get 8 hours of sleep a night and/or work 50 hours a week but we use these numbers for a cushion and travel time to and from work.

So we go through this exercise to find out that people do have the extra time to do whatever they want. However, they are so caught up in the mundane drudgery of daily life they don’t see it. Some people see it but refuse to change it.

There are many reasons for this but the major one is: PEOPLE DO NOT PUT A VALUE ON THEIR TIME. Time is the most expensive thing you own! Once it is gone you can never get it back. Yet, people waste on average 6 hours a day watching TV, playing video games or surfing the internet (in a non-productive way).

I struggled with this myself. I would always complain that I am not going to become some robot that works on a schedule and tracks all of his time. My mentor at the time asked me a simple question: How much is your time worth? I said: what do you mean? He said: if you were going to charge your boss an hourly rate for your time, what would it be? How much is an hour with your family worth as opposed to your job?

What great questions and I had to figure out through personal development and study what I was worth per hour to anyone (my family, my boss, my acquaintances, my friends and so on). If the value of my time was worth more than what other people were putting on it, I had to change the people I was hanging around.

Eventually, I left my job because I realize the only way I could increase the value of my time was to take control of my time and utilize it to the best of my ability.

Think about this: everyone I think would agree that are time with our family is worth more than an hour at work. Yet most people complain that they have to work so much and don’t have any time to do anything, change anything or be home for the family. Instead of complaining, I urge you to do this exercise and start taking control of your time and freedom.

Also, I encourage you to start working on your time and start putting a value on it before your health makes you do it. By that I mean, most people don’t take time to stop and smell the roses until their bodies give out and they are forced to. You never hear on people’s death bed that they wish they had LESS time to do the things they always wanted to do (spend more time with family, travel, read, etc.)

Here is a good book that helped me get going in the right direction. NO BS Time Management by Dan Kennedy. This is a straight forward book. Take from it what you can and leave the rest.

You find hundreds of books on time management. This is the one I used when I got started. Here is the link to the book on amazon.com. NO BS TIME MANAGEMENT LINK or click here http://www.amazon.com/No-B-S-Time-Management-Entrepreneurs/dp/1932156852/ref=sr_1_16?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1249905421&sr=1-16

Till next time!