A good life is a lot like rock climbing

First, there are those who decide they are not going to climb and never get to experience anything higher than where they are at. Then there are those who want to climb but are afraid of the height and let the fear turn them around. Then there are [Read more...]

Pre-suppositions (Framework) of NLP

The Pre-suppositions of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

In NLP we pre-suppose certain beliefs that facilite the ability to look at things differently.

1. NLP is not a model of repair…it is a model of acquisition…a generative model.

2. The techniques of NLP are not NLP. The techniques are a product of thinking a certain way. Or better said: NLP is a way of thinking that leaves behind a trail of techniques!
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How To Find The Right NLP Training

It seems there are strong feelings within the NLP community about what is “good” NLP training and what is “bad” NLP training. I’d like to share my thoughts.

I think that there are many opportunities for people to get excellent training in NLP, and yet some people base their decision of where to go on geographical location or convenient time frame, assuming that all NLP Practitioner Trainings are created equal (after all, they all have the same name). This can be a big mistake!! There is such a wide assortment of quality and course content in this field, so taking [Read more...]

Corporate Communication using NLP

It is funny when I talk to companies about their communication models. They give me that doggie look as their heads tilt to one side…

Have you ever had a boss or co-worker where everything seemed to just go smoothly? You were productive. You understood everything you needed to do. If you had a question, you could ask and, more importantly, it would get answered. Ever worked in a place like that?

How about working in a place where no one seems to know how to [Read more...]

Mind Over Money

One of the great challenges in my life has been my thoughts around money. I was (<–past tense) brought up with idea of lack. Never enough. I watch my mom hide the bills as she struggled (<–learned this to) to raise three boys. As I worked toward learning more about NLP and how it can help change beliefs by changing values it dawned on me that maybe I should see where I’m at now with my ideas on money.

You see, I really made some bad decisions when it came to money AND I would get frustrated after the fact and promised I was going to change. And then, the next bad decision. I hated the way I felt but for the life of me I couldn’t seem to make the changes I wanted quick enough. Oh yeah, that was another belief I picked up….”It takes a long time to change.” [Read more...]