A good life is a lot like rock climbing

First, there are those who decide they are not going to climb and never get to experience anything higher than where they are at. Then there are those who want to climb but are afraid of the height and let the fear turn them around. Then there are some who climb and maybe not all the way to the top, however, but do get to experience something new, challenging and life altering.

Then there are those that climb to the top only stopping to rest along the way and to view their progress and assess the remaining portion making sure they are on course.

See to be a good a rock climber is a lot like living a good life.

1. You have to be willing to go climbing
2. You have to be willing to confront any fears along the way
3. You have to know which rock you are going to climb
4. You have to map out a route to climb
5. You have to have the right gear to climb
And, most importantly
6. You have to take the first step in the climb.

And, if you only had number 6, 3 and 1 above everything else would fall into place as one tends to be awarded the tools necessary to be successful in the endeavor one takes.

I’ve never met a couch potato that didn’t have a TV and a remote control. :-)


  1. Tammy Coffin-Hana says:

    Love this post Paul, very insightful. This resonates with me right now as the doctor’s asked me, “Would you be willing to do this one thing if you knew it could help answer questions?” It was simple for me to protect my unborn children of the future, and to maybe help many other women who face or have faced something similar. We often don’t realize that in climbing our own mountains, that we can inspire and help others along the way.


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