Corporate Communication using NLP

It is funny when I talk to companies about their communication models. They give me that doggie look as their heads tilt to one side…

Have you ever had a boss or co-worker where everything seemed to just go smoothly? You were productive. You understood everything you needed to do. If you had a question, you could ask and, more importantly, it would get answered. Ever worked in a place like that?

How about working in a place where no one seems to know how to talk to anyone else. You can cut the tension with a knife. Talking to the boss or co-worker is a dreadful experience and you can’t wait to go home. Ever experience this?

And then there is the middle of the road. You can talk to some people and wish you didn’t have to talk to others.

Well, what is happening is, the people you communicate well with is not by mistake (well, except for the fact that you got lucky that they are like you). You see most people communicate from there own representational system, values, and beliefs. And when they talk to other people they may or may not be speaking their language. And, in corporate america this seems to be a big challenge. It appears that the boss doesn’t care how you think….just get the job done – UGH!

However, there are companies that have taken the time to learn techniques within NLP like the Meta Model, Values, Rapport and Representational Systems which gives them a step up against competition and makes the work environment more like a community and everyone is much more productive and HAPPY.

Take this example of Microsoft. Regardless of how you feel about them, put that aside so you can learn something that may help you become a better communicator.

Microsoft uses techniques drawn directly from Neuro Liguistic Programming (NLP) to improve the effectiveness of its internal communications. Microsoft has developed a system based on NLP Meta Programs to measure the preferred communication styles of its employees. These styles can then be used to craft communications from corporate major strategies to simple requests “Have you done those software updates yet?”

Using the Meta Programs Microsoft is able to determine, using a few simple questions, the way an individual takes in and processes information, makes a decision based on that information, and acts (or fails to act), on that information. That information is then clearly communicated to all team members by means of color coded cubes that the individual keeps on their desk.

In this way Microsoft respects the diversity of styles of its employees, and the employees learn to do so as well.

Let’s take the example of Bill. Bill is first and foremost interested in getting things done. He doesn’t have much time for details and even less for small talk. His preferred style is known to his colleagues. If they want to get Bill moving they quickly tell him what is required, and why it’s important and Bill will get it done.

Susan on the other hand is a people person. She cares more about the people on her team, and how they fit into the business. She is also a details person. If you want to get Susan to help, you better be prepared to spend a few minutes asking about her family, and how the people on her team are doing. Then give her detailed information on what you need and discuss with her how the people in her team might handle the project.

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