Empower people to…

Some thoughts for you to ponder, implement or just share. These ideas have changed my life and I know will do the same for you.
Thought of the Week:
Empower people to change by first changing yourself!
Action Step:
Taking action on the thought above is never about anyone else but you. Actually, whether other people change or not is irrelevant. The only focus you should have is within you and because of that your external situations, experiences and people in your life will change.
What is one thing you can be aware of today (this week) that you can change? Small steps create huge results. Huge steps create sore ankles, shaky knees and doubt unless you are truly ready to leap!
Your friend & partner,


  1. Tammy Coffin-Hana says:

    This is a great thought Paul, I always enjoy reading your posts. I have this to be true, and that is because I’ve learned it from you! I think this falls into line with “lead by example”.


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