If I slow down I go faster??? Right!

When you slow down to reflect on what it is you have to do and what it is that is really important, more things seem to get done. However, when you are constantly thinking that you have so much to do you end up working from a point of confusion and not much QUALITY work gets done. You may finish a lot of things but are they important and did you do your absolute best?

Slowing down helps you to put into perspective what is truly important and how to go about doing your absolute best in every situation. Being rushed by your own mind is a recipe for disaster down the road. You will never know that you are off course unless you slow down to read the signs!!!

It takes discipline to slow your mind down so you can think and be centered. Try meditating for 20 minutes a day and see the transformation expressed in your attitude and ultimately your life.



  1. Tammy Coffin-Hana says:

    Paul, I find this is so true. I have learned to streamline my days to be more effective.So glad, I slowwwwwed down! :-)


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