Pre-suppositions (Framework) of NLP

The Pre-suppositions of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

In NLP we pre-suppose certain beliefs that facilite the ability to look at things differently.

1. NLP is not a model of repair…it is a model of acquisition…a generative model.

2. The techniques of NLP are not NLP. The techniques are a product of thinking a certain way. Or better said: NLP is a way of thinking that leaves behind a trail of techniques!

3. Modeling is a process of acquiring skill. All skills are systematic, patterned and rule-structured – therefore, they can be modeled and duplicated. However, modeling does not result in achieving the whole life experience of another person.

4. People are not broken, they work perfectly. They do not need to be fixed.

5. People have all the resources necessary to make any change.

6. People make the best choices given their resources available to them.

7. All external behavior is the result of internal processes. All behavior is communication…we cannot not respond.

8. The map is not the territory. Our perception of reality is not reality itself. We do not operate directly on our world, but rather through our perceptual map of the world. NLP is a model of the mapping processes.

9. The positive self worth of the individual is held constant. A distinction is made between Self, intention and the behavior an individual engages in.

10. Behavioral Flexibility: The person with the most behavioral flexibility in a given interaction will control the outcome.

11. The meaning of a communication is the response you receive, regardless of your intention. Resistance is the result of inflexibility on the part of the communicator. It is the responsibility of the messenger to get the message across, NOT the listener’s responsibility to get the message.

12. Failure equals feedback. There are no mistakes, only results. Without failure and mistakes, learning would be impossible.

13. The highest quality of information in an interaction is behavioral information.

14. The mind and body are part of the same cybernetic system.

15 Individuals communicate at two levels – conscious and unconscious.

16. Behavioral flexibility results in more choices. More choices is better than limited choices.

17. Every behavior has a positive intention (for the person doing the behavior).

To your ultimate success!


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