The Struggle

I just wrapped up one of our Business Life Strategies Workshop and I have to tell you that it was awesome. It prompted me to write this little piece about “The Struggle”.

So many people are struggling. Struggling with their career, their spouse, their business, their health and their finances and I get it. I have had my share of struggles over the years with drug addiction, being in trouble with the law, challenges in my career and holding onto to certain business with just the tips of my fingers…boy do I get it.

Fortunately, it was easy to get through these so called struggles because I was willing to look at the cause of all of it – MYSELF. Yep, I was the culprit who caused mayhem in my life. I ate too much, I spent too much, I did the drugs, I made the decisions that almost cost me my business, I decided to take the jobs or quit the jobs, I decided to not give 100% at work, I decided to not give 100% in my relationships, I decided to blame others actions for my lack of action, I decided it was easier to Struggle than to be successful.

When I realized this it was almost instantaneous that my life to a huge turn of events. I found happiness in the moment, I started to give 100% of myself regardless of what was given back, I started to work to the BEST of my ability and not compromise my values because other people wanted to slack off, I became a beacon of hope in my own life and left the naysayers on the sidelines. I realized that I was putting myself on the shelf by not playing full out and because of that I struggled.

Now my life is filled with true happiness, prosperity and joy. I live each day in the moment BEING the person I know I can BE and that has catapulted me out of struggle into the realm of abundance and prosperity in all my affairs. My relationships are deeper, my businesses are prosperous, my health is better, my finances are skyrocketing and my spirit is soaring.

So, if you are struggling in any aspect of your life and you want to stop, take a good hard look at YOU. For if you don’t, you settle in the land of struggle that at some point gets too comfortable to leave!

With much love and respect,


  1. Alex says:

    Struggles are an essential part of life. I’m glad you’ve taken the time out to write on this topic, Paul. Brilliantly done, as always.

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