Time Management: Where Does It Go?

Many times in my life I have said those famous restricting words: “No, I can’t, I have no time”. Until one day a mentor of mind challenged me on it and showed little exercise that change my whole world around time management.

You see I was always taught to schedule out my day. Nail down all your appointments to the minute. I spent more time on trying to manage my daily time that I had no time left over to do anything else. Now, of course I am exaggerating a bit here but that is what it felt like. I needed a little bit of a bigger picture on my time then analyzing the details of each minute of each day so I could see the affect it was having on my life long term.

In this video I show you what one of my mentors showed me. It is so simple but powerful. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Please share your experience in the comments below so other people can see the results and utilize the worksheet. Thanks!


  1. Paul, great information, Paul and I have downloaded your spreadsheet and will utilize this exercise to track what we are doing. Thank you so much for this great information. We will come back and share our results with your readers. Great great information. Thank you.

    • Paul McGarry says:

      Hey Linda and Paul,

      Thanks for the comment. Yeah this is such a simple but powerful exercise that show you exactly where the time is going. Then all you have to do is ask: “Is that OK?”. If not, change it.

      Looking forward to seeing how much time you find!


  2. About time you did this one on Video!!

  3. Mattgeib says:


    Excellent, Excellent Post!!….Now you are talking my Language! ‘Rubber meets the road ‘ Info we can immediately apply to our lives,,,,That is The BEST kind (IF one will ACT on it!!),,,,After my comment here I will be DL this graph & working this into my ‘VALUES’ project as I think Values & our time go hand in hand.

    I believe you ‘nailed this’ as I am of the belief that we can not Manage TIME but only OURSELVES & the way we use our Time.

    I love this quote,,,,

    “Until you value YOURSELF, you will not Value your TIME, & until you Value your TIME you will not do anything with it.”

    I give Your Post an ‘A’,,,would be an A+ but we disagree a bit on sleep:-)…LOL,,,,I am a 6-7 hour per nite sleeper so I do not abuse that, but scientifically speaking many people in this ‘hurry up society’ are sleep deprived & it is impacting their lives negatively…HOWEVER we can debate that another day:-).


    • Paul McGarry says:


      Thanks for the comments. I have been holding this one in the bag because the time frame of the video then I finally said screw it. I love that quote you put up there and have read it before. I would love to have a workshop teaching people how to value themselves thereby valuing there time. That would be awesome!

      Please let me know how much time you find and I hear ya on the sleep issue. Have a great day!


  4. Lidia says:

    I just LOVE this video. It is so you!!!!
    Time to put those CPA skills to use, and help people with stuff only people of analytical minds can do (which is not me).
    Thank you for sharing this very powerful exercise. Hands on and to the point.
    No more hiding and lying to yourself. Time to (Wo)Man up and face where the time is going!

  5. I totally agree most people have no idea where their time goes, just like they don’t know where their money goes. We all have more time than we think! And I love the point you made about people not wanting to know about how much time they really spend doing whatever it is. Your exercise sheet is great. If we get in the habit of doing this, then we can certainly have a better life.

  6. Paul I really like this spreadsheet. I am downloading it and will start tracking my time spent. I know I “waste” a lot of nonproductive time on the internet. I’ve been saying that I will allocate a certain amount of time to getting done what I need to do on the net. After watching your video I will definitely start that.

  7. When you map it out everything comes to the surface and you truly realize
    how much time you have and how much time you can save and not waste.

    This is a kick in the butt post ;-)

    This was great Paul.

    Shawn Johnson

  8. Thanks for the valuable tip on time management Paul.

    I do really well when it comes to time management because I do what I can for my business when I’m at work. I watch about 2 hours of television a week and sleep, what is that? LOL!

    Seriously though I going to try this and see if I can tweek my routine. There is always room for improvement.

    Great stuff!



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