Are you working in your business or on it?

Owning your own business can be a very freeing experience, if you take the right steps (we will get them in a minute). I am sure you have heard of the stories of people going into business for themselves only to work longer hours, make less money and seem increasingly unhappy. Their personal identities become defined as their business – whether successful or not.

Then their are those people who seem to have the magic touch. They go into business for themselves and puff they have all the clients, make all the sales, generate all the products and everything touch turns to gold. And those of us who struggle sit there scratching our heads in wonder.

Well, the difference between to seemingly successful business owner and the mediocre or unsuccessful one is: one works on their business more then the one who works in their business. I know, you may have heard this all before but I am hoping that when you read it again, it will click for you!

Here are some of the differences that may help you out in your business regardless of where you are currently (I define an unsuccessful business owner as one who is either losing money or accepts/justifies mediocre results):

  • A Successful Business Owner spends more time planning
    • a unsuccessful business owner spends more time doing without a plan
  • A Successful Business Owner spends more time on personal development
    • an unsuccessful business owner thinks “I don’t have time for that”
  • A Successful Business Owner has a target market before they begin
    • an unsuccessful business owner spends time serving people who aren’t interested and/or won’t take the time to define their market.
  • A Successful Business Owner (Brick and Mortar establishment) develops relationships and goes out to the community
    • an unsuccessful business owner opens their doors and waits for people to walk by
  • A Successful Business Owner tracks their progress to help improve the plan
    • an unsuccessful business owner doesn’t have a plan and they are constantly doing
  • A Successful Business Owner always asks the question: How can we serve our clients better?
    • an unsuccessful business owner doesn’t ask many questions but places blame with outside circumstances

These are just a few ideas and I know they are broad in stroke. However, I believe the biggest advantage over successful business owners and not so successful ones is the mindset and personal development. No matter how successful you get, if you don’t bring the mind along, you will end up struggling where you are. People that take time to grow personally are the ones that seem to have better customer service, better client relationships, higher sales, the golden touch and a more happier life. Think about what you do to become more personally. It will have a direct affect on your business and relationships (which help drive your business).

Please know that I am not saying Successful Business Owners don’t do any work. Doing the business is very important. However, if you don’t know where you are going, how will you know when you get there? When you spend more time planning, the work you do is more productive and focus. You will be more motivated because you can see where you are going which creates inspired action. When you are in this state of mind you are more energized, happier, less stressed and ultimately live a better life now.

Well, that’s it for now. Please let me know what you think by commenting below. If there is anything I can do to help you out, please give me a call!

To your ultimate success in life,


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